We concentrate our strengths and resources on offering you these services.
In focussing our efforts, you have guarantees that conflicts of interest do not arise in consultations. This approach has created, out of necessity, areas of core-competences in the various services.
However, where the knowledge of other specialists is required, we establish the necessary contacts.
Auditing We perform independent audits to verify yearend financial statements and consolidated annual accounts of legal entities, according to the rules of the Swiss profession. FER and GAAP are not foreign words for us. We adhere to the requirements of the VSV Verband Schweizer Vermögensverwalter (Swiss Association of Asset Managers). Financial intermediaries are controlled to comply with the legal provisions governing money laundering. The in-depth education of our staff allows them to conduct inspections with the special abilities required by OR 727b. We evaluate how internal guidelines, organisation procedures, and internal control systems are used. Then compare asset ratios for corporate fusions and issue appraisals on a company's value (acquisition review). We conduct Due Diligence reviews for takeover projects.
Tax advice We organise tax declarations for individuals and legal entities and represent our clients' interests with the authorities for intervention, appeal and complaint cases. We lead our clients through restructuring, reorganising, and establishing of offices, subsidiaries and branches domestically and abroad. We create Value Added Tax accounts and declare revenue figures.
Accounting We perform a wide range of services from payment processing and record keeping for private offices to setting up and operating an overall accounting system for a large company, as well as on a consolidated basis. We arrange salary accounting, issue wage documents and make the required old-age insurance declarations. We issue all of the paperwork concerning the fees, charges, and taxes of our clients.
Management consulting We accompany our clients through restructuring and reorganising projects (also multinational). We support you during the definition and implementation of guidelines, strategies, acquisitions and mergers. We create management information systems and evaluate these for our clients. We advise our clients in turnaround situations and lend our expertise in your discussions with credit institutions.
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